The King's Academy - Individualized Instruction for Grades 3-12

T h a n k s   f o r   v i s i t i n g !

   The King's Academy is a private school (third-twelfth grade) located in the University area of Charlotte, North Carolina.  
   It was founded in 2009 by Diane Nall and Kay Patterson. Ms. Nall and Mrs. Patterson, who both hold a Bachelor's Degree in Education, have both been teaching for over 35 years.
   The King's Academy was started to provide an individualized learning environment where students are taught one-on-one.  
   The student/teacher ratio is 1:12, allowing the teacher to give personal attention to each student.      

   It is the desire of The King’s Academy to guide our students to achieve their highest potential in a Christian atmosphere. It is also our desire to train them to be young people with a heart for God.
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